Privacy Policy

At Van Horne Dental, we are dedicated to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for our patients. To provide you with exceptional dental care and services, we collect, store, and analyze specific personal health information. This information is obtained through various sources, including data provided by you, diagnostic testing, and details received from other healthcare providers.

Consent: We will not collect, disclose, or utilize any of your information without your explicit knowledge and consent. Access to your information is restricted to individuals with a clinical or related administrative need, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

Information We Collect: The information we typically collect includes personal details such as name, address, contact information, insurance details, and financial/billing information. Additionally, we gather personal health information, including but not limited to: medical history, medications, dental history, records of dental visits, recall exams, and appointments, results of diagnosis and testing, treatment recommendations and progress notes, consent records and signed consent forms, referral/specialists reports and recommendations.

Purpose of Information Use: We use your information for the following purposes: Safe and efficient patient care,high-quality service, assessment of your health needs, provision of treatment options, information about clinic services, communication and appointment scheduling, billing and claims processing, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Electronic Communication: We may communicate with you via electronic means, such as email or SMS. All communications comply with privacy and anti-SPAM laws, and you can opt out by following the provided "Unsubscribe" link or contacting our office practice manager.

Information Storage and Access:Your information is securely stored, whether in physical or digital form. Access is restricted to authorized personnel, and we may use third-party providers for data storage, ensuring compliance with Canadian legal standards.

Protection of Information:We work with industry experts to protect your information. Our designated Information Manager and technical services providers employ robust cybersecurity measures and comply with local and federal laws.

Online Services: For users of our online services, we use Google Analytics and re-marketing techniques. You can opt out of automated data collection for advertising purposes through relevant online platforms.